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Should I buy potted roses or bare root roses for the best results?

Buying bare root roses is the traditional way of buying rose plants. They should be planted as soon as they arrive so they can establish and produce strong flowering plants the following summer; they are available from November till March.

Potted roses allow more flexibility for the gardener; they are available year round and can be planted during any month creating instant impact.

Either way works equally well from the plant’s point of view, to get the best results follow the planting instructions carefully.

The right rose for the right place

We offer a range of roses suitable for any situation. Our selection includes compact ground cover and patio roses excellent for producing masses of flowers in small spaces and good to grow in containers. Superb Hybrid Tea and floribunda rose bushes with plenty of perfume and colour, strong rambling and climbing rose plants which can be trained to walls, pergola’s, obelisks and arches producing stunning scented floral displays and specimen shrub roses elegant and stately with beautiful flowers and foliage followed by large showy hips in the autumn. Whatever the need there is a rose bush that will thrive and produce plenty of enjoyment over many years.

All of our rose plants can be gift wrapped and sent with a personal message of your choice for that special occasion.

We are committed to supplying top quality rose plants at competitive prices with excellent service to our cusomers.